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NBA Draft Rumors 2017: Sixers discussing Lakers pick, other future firsts in trade talks with Boston Celtics


OH MY GOD (via @JoelEmbiid)

Fans have been waiting with bated breath since word got out the Sixers were in play for the Number 1 overall pick and Markelle Fultz. Is this really happening? What are the 76ers giving up to make the trade? Is Celtics’ GM Danny Ainge “almost” going to make the trade?

Well, the Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski decided to throw more fuel to the fire as he tweeted out the following:

Wait… That’s it?! A #3, 2018 Laker’s Pick, and 2021 pick with complicated protections? BRYAN FRIGGIN’ COLANGELO?!

Crazy how things have tilted over the past 24 hours. The debate of options at 3 seem to be as pointless as the OkaWars of years past. The prospect of adding Markelle Fultz to the potential core of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid is mouth-watering and something that many of us didn’t seriously think about just two days ago. Obviously, nothing is confirmed until it actually happens, but where there is smoke, there is a fire. Someone should probably call the fire department right about now.

Everyone has their own player evaluations, so I can’t speak to how someone opines for a player who is considered a consensus No. 1. But Fultz’s profile, skill set, and talent fit so well with the Sixers’ presumptive core. Whether you or I like X player more than Fultz (or more for the team), it seems that the organization feels otherwise. Furthermore, at THAT price, why not?

Something I’ve noticed is some concern over the price relative to the trade. The “pesky” unprotected 2018 Lakers pick feels like a huge asset to just jump 2 spots. But this isn’t 12 to 10, or even 5 to 3. This is moving from 3 to 1st overall to get the guy that they want (Hello, Carson Wentz trade). While people seem to bring up “The Process” as a counter argument to what the Sixers might do, isn’t this exactly what it has always been about? The name of the game is accumulating star talent to build a team around, the team (and myself) feel that Fultz represents that talent.

Also, Liberty Ballers’ own Kyle Neubeck brought up an interesting point about protections.

That potential future 2021 pick? If all things go right and the 76ers are a playoff team in 2021, does anyone really care that a 21-30 pick is on the outs? The Sixers may have their 3-man core for the next decade or more, they hold onto their other young talent (Saric, TLC), and they keep some draft asset in their back pocket (2019 Kings pick). If things go down as rumored thus far, I’m all aboard.

As the weekend continues, more things will trickle out hopefully and the celebration can really get started. As of now, Markelle Fultz is scheduled to meet with the Sixers at 6 pm today. Whether or not things are finalized today (*gulp* or if it happens at all!) is still up in the air. But you know deal, just Trust The Process.

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