Sactown Royalty Trade Proposals

Hey Sixers fans!

I'm a contributor over at Sactown Royalty and I'm putting together an article on 5 different trade proposals for the Kings on draft night.

I love to get other fans' perspectives on any deal that's talked about, so I would appreciate any feedback you have for the trade I'm about to list.

I've also linked to this Fanpost in the article posted on Sactown Royalty's homepage, so I expect there to be a decent amount of Kings fans on this page as well. Of course, you're always welcome to make your feelings known and give any alternate proposals on the main article as well.

SAC: #3, #39, Evan Turner

PHI: #5, #15

POR: Afflalo, #34

This is if the 76ers are interested in Malik Monk (who I think would be a perfect fit), but don't want to reach for him with the third pick. Meanwhile, the Kings are afraid of Phoenix swiping De'Aaron Fox out from under them, so this would guarantee our front office their point guard of the future. For your troubles of moving back to spots, you gain another first rounder in the deepest draft in years.

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