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Liberty Links: Sixers will host six prospects for pre-draft workouts today

Utah’s Kyle Kuzma headlines the six potential draftees.

NCAA Basketball: Utah at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

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Pre-Draft Workout Preview | 6.12.17 -

The Sixers will continue with their pre-draft workouts today, hosting Utah’s Kyle Kuzma, Clemson’s Jarron Blossomgame, Notre Dame’s V.J. Beachem, DePaul’s Billy Garrett, Kentucky’s Dominique Hawkins and Utah State’s Jalen Moore.

Kuzma (ranked 42nd), Blossomgame (49th) and Beachem (75th) all find themselves on DraftExpress’ Top 100 Prospects list. The former two could theoretically be in play for the Sixers with one of the four second-round picks they enter next’s month draft with.

With the draft coming next week, the Sixers have yet to publicly work out any prospect that will be in the mix for the third-overall pick. When will Bryan Colangelo let the media and Sixers fans in on his plans?!?

NBA Finals 2017: Hotel Warriors use hosting cannabis expo during Game 5 - Sporting News

After the team failed to sweep the Cavaliers in Game 4 of the NBA finals, the Warriors will head home, only to find the hotel they normally use is hosting a huge cannabis convention.

The Cannabis Business Summit and Expo will be held at the Oakland Marriot City Center, where many Golden State practices are held where and some of the organziation's corporate offices are located.

It was reported that there was a strong marijuana smell coming from the Cavaliers' locker room during Game 2, which was held at Oracle Arena. Marijuana has been decriminalized in California, so the timing is interesting, to say the least.

I’m eagerly anticipating the pregame report about how Klay Thompson had been “missing” all day.

Ten Unbelievable NBA Finals Game 4 Statistical Nuggets - The Ringer

Here’s my favorite set of tidbits from this piece that illustrates just how much the league has changed over the last three decades:

Cleveland finished the game with 24 made 3s; Kyrie Irving led the way with seven, while Kevin Love added six and J.R. Smith added five. Until garbage time, the only Cavalier to attempt a 3 without making one was Richard Jefferson.


When Michael Jordan won his first title in 1991, the Bulls made five 3s on 21 attempts in the entire five-game series.

LeBron Finally Got His Iconic Finals Dunk - The Ringer

I maintain that if LeBron James had finished this dunk against Draymond Green in Game 7 of last year’s Finals, it would’ve went down as the most famous dunk in the history of the game given the weight and context of the whole situation:

The self-alley-oop he connected on Friday night isn’t as good as that would-be tomahawk jam on Green, but this is still another crazy piece in the lore of LeBron James:

LeBron’s Basketball IQ - Ben Falk

Former Sixers VP of Basketball Strategy Ben Falk has been a favorite of mine when I’ve been running the Liberty Links. Besides the outstanding work he’s done on his own basketball site, he made a nice, concise breakdown of LeBron’s preternatural ability to see things on the court that few other players ever have been able to:

How is he that smart? I just don’t get it.


This is depressing.

Ex-NBA player Darius Miles -- who made more than $60 MILLION in his career -- has lost all of his treasured belongings in a bankruptcy sale ... from his signed LeBron jersey to his waffle maker.

As we previously reported, Miles filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last year -- and as part of the process, he was ordered to sell off his stuff to pay back creditors.

The sale went down in Illinois. Here's how it went.

-- LeBron James signed jersey ($1,500)

-- Larry Bird signed jersey ($100)

-- AR15 firearm ($500)

-- Beretta Cx4 Storm gun ($400)

-- Self-contained karaoke machine ($75)

-- Dirk Nowitzki signed shoe ($375)

-- Lamar Odom signed shoe ($225)

-- 5 VHS players (total of $21.50)

They even sold his toaster for $2.00

There was a lot more stuff -- and in total, Miles got $12,780 from the sale.

Miles will ultimately get his discharge and a fresh financial start. But he'll have to buy a new toaster.

It’s hard seeing this happen to a player you watched when you were a kid, or any person in general really. I hope everything works out for Miles, but there is something weirdly hilarious about selling his toaster for two dollars.

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