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This 2017 NBA Draft Lottery Party teaser video is delightfully dramatic

See you all in seven days.

Everyone’s favorite annual event is a week away, and expectations for the 2017 Lottery Party couldn’t be higher. The good people at XFINITY Live—who have been way more accommodating than any venue could be expected to be for this bunch—decided to ratchet up the hype another level with a quick video.

This is basically the 2017 Sixers version of the “Illuminati” eye in the pyramid:

For those of you who still need information on the Lottery Party—doubtful, the damn thing has been sold out for a while—here’s everything you need to know.

It’s set to be the most ridiculous edition of the event yet, so try not to miss it (like I am). If you’re still in need of tickets, feel free to talk amongst yourselves in the comment section, and stay tuned next Monday when Spike and the RTRS crew have promised to release a limited number of extra tickets for the event.

As always, proceeds from the t-shirts being sold to commemorate the event will be donated to good causes, so if you can’t make it to the party, you can still help do some good in the world.

Now get out there and pray to the lottery gods.

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