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Liberty Links: Lonzo Ball’s teammates think his dad gave him an unfair reputation

LaVar Ball certainly didn’t do him any favors.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Kent State and UCLA Bruins Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Lonzo Ball is likely to be off the board when the Sixers select at No. 3, but the Lakers have been known to throw a curveball or two in the NBA Draft. So fans shouldn’t totally write off Ball to Philly, because they might end up having to deal with the Ball family experience in the event he slips.

To the links!

Lonzo Ball’s rep unfairly tainted, says his former teammate

Former Ball teammate Bryce Alford spoke to Bill Oram of the O.C. Register, and he spoke up for Lonzo:

It’s just an unfair thing for Lonzo just because I think he gets a rep he doesn’t deserve. And I don’t want to say anything poorly against LaVar, I think he’s done a good job of getting him ready to be where he’s at and he’s helped him become a great basketball player so I don’t want to say anything that way, but he does get a persona that’s just totally not him.

He’s an absolutely great kid, great teammate and truly cares about what his teammates are doing more so than himself. So if anything I hope NBA people can see that.

I hear your point, little Alford, but I have a counterargument—Lonzo easily could have distanced himself from his father and his shenanigans by now. He was a college kid on a full ride, in the driver’s seat for a top-three slot in the NBA Draft. Ball even said he was “100 percent behind” everything his father says in an interview conducted in mid-May.

I’m sure Ball is a good kid, and his dad isn’t the reason I would dock him slots on the Big Board. Just show a little willingness to push LaVar out of the spotlight, it’ll go a long way.

What Kevin Durant did is not cool, says man whose team kickstarted the “Big Three” era

“Gather round kids,” Pierce will tell his grandchildren as he bounces them on his knee. “Let me tell you the story of how my 24-win team became a championship winner in one offseason, without me linking up with any other player of considerable stature.”

The Clippers want to hire Jerry West away from the Warriors—Marc Stein, ESPN

League sources told ESPN that the Clippers would like to bring West into their organization in an advisory capacity similar to the ‎role he has held with the Warriors since May 2011.

Other undisclosed teams, sources said, have made similar runs at West, who is under contract with Golden State through July as a member of its executive board and has been asked by Warriors owner Joe Lacob to stay with the franchise.

The working headline for this report was, “NBA team would like to hire one of the most successful executives in the history of the sport,” but it got scrapped at the last minute.

Kevin Durant is probably better than Harrison Barnes

I believe in LeBron James and all, but this is what you might call a series shifter.

The Detroit Pistons want to move No. 12

Hey Detroit, can I interest you in a young veteran entering his third season?

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

He rolled out of bed and put up 20 and 10 17 and 7 as a rookie! You can totally run a Twin Towers offense in 2017! Do the deal!

#Godner aka The Human Patreon unveils his first big board of NBA Draft season

Maybe you guys will start taking my Jonathan Isaac love seriously now that friend of the blog Derek Bodner has him ranked at No. 3. Top three, you guys! I wasn’t just making this Isaac love up!

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