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Joel Embiid went to a playground and mercilessly blocked a little kid’s shot

JoJo says no.

Joel Embiid certainly knows how to work the crowd, and today he saw an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the good people of Philadelphia. And by “up close and personal,” I mean he blocked the living hell out of some poor kid’s shot.

This little kid was probably all excited to go home and tell his friends and family all about his exciting trip to the park. “Mom, Dad! Guess what I did today?” he probably said. Well guess what kid—everyone already knows, and Embiid sending your shot into the fifth row has now been immortalized on the internet forever.

Hey, the good news is he got to go one-on-one with one of his basketball heroes, and getting blocked by an NBA player is more of an accomplishment than most of his pals have been able to pull off. And in fairness to this unknown kid, he did force Embiid into a tough afternoon from the field. The Nets should probably give this kid a look.

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