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Liberty Links: De’Aaron Fox might be worst fit for Sixers at No. 3

Plus the rest of Monday’s news in the basketball world.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-South Regional-Kentucky vs North Carolina Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day! We are still on an excruciating march toward the NBA Finals, which are set to begin slightly before the eventual heat death of the universe. Until then, we have takes on De’Aaron Fox and Josh Jackson to sustain our basketball thirst.

To the links!

Five Player-Team Combinations to Avoid in the 2017 NBA Draft—The Ringer

The New York Daily News reported that the Sixers have interest in De’Aaron Fox and Dennis Smith Jr. with the third pick, and both players are talented enough to merit that discussion. But boy, selecting either prospect would be a bummer — especially Fox, whose strengths and weaknesses overlap with a number of the Sixers’ most promising players, but at half a foot shorter and over 40 pounds lighter in size.

The Sixers are in a position to eschew convention, and they have verbally committed to the idea of Ben Simmons as their 6-foot-10 lead distributor. This allows them the leeway to look at a relatively undersized shooter in Malik Monk or grab a hyperathletic jack-of-all-trades in Josh Jackson.

This bit—and Chau’s write-up for the Sixers—touches on why I’m pretty far out on Fox from the Sixers’ perspective. Taking a player who can’t shoot yet is a stretch regardless, but taking a guard who can’t shoot throws away the inherent uniqueness of their current core. If you’re going to have a 6’10” point guard, you should either be striving to play bully ball or taking more unique guards to fill the backcourt.

Watch De’Aaron Fox dominate an open gym

But hey, maybe you believe in him more than I do. I get it!

Steph Curry still thinks about that behind-the-back pass — Chris Haynes, ESPN

“Yeah, I still think about that [turnover],” Curry told ESPN. “[But] in thinking about that game, it’s funny because I know the concept of making the right play, making a simple play, understanding that there are deciding moments in games and the difference between winning a championship or not could be one of those plays. [With that said,] I came out in preseason this year and threw a behind-the-back pass because I have confidence that I can do it and it won’t change that.”

Shooters shoot, so I guess passers pass, too?

Is Josh Jackson a better prospect than Lonzo Ball?—Rob Dauster, NBC Sports

OUTLOOK: The way I see it, Josh Jackson is the the second-best prospect in this draft. I’d draft him over Lonzo Ball, and I think the gap between Markelle Fultz and Josh Jackson is smaller than the gap between Josh Jackson and Ball, who would be third on my draft board.

I don’t necessarily agree with “gap” part of that blurb, but I do believe in Jackson as the second best guy in the draft. As always, fit concerns are the key.

LeBron James thinks Kawhi Leonard is a Hall of Famer

Obviously, I've played against four Hall of Famers as well too, with Manu [Ginobili], Kawhi [Leonard], Tony [Parker] and Timmy D [Tim Duncan] on the same team. And if you add Pop [Gregg Popovich] in there, that's five Hall of Famers.

He’s got a ways to go to solidify his credentials, but it must be nice to be the Spurs—on the verge of their trio of Hall of Famers calling it quits, only to pass the franchise on to another future great.

Get it together, Tiger

Life comes at you fast, brother.

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