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Liberty Links: Long Live The Lottery Party

Another incredible chapter in the history of The Process.

There is simply no other word possible to describe the events that unfolded on Tuesday evening as phenomenal. While the lottery outcome for the Philadelphia 76ers was rather favorable, the 2017 Lottery Party at XFINITY Live was undoubtedly the best one yet.

We’ll take you through how XFINITY Live started out looking like this...

and ended up looking like this...

Someone handed out Sam Hinkie removable tattoos.

Looks like this guy missed the memo on the “removable” part.

Many pictures were taken with the Vlade Divac cardboard cutout.

Spike Eskin had the crowd getting rowdy early and often.

A couple got engaged courtesy of LL Pavorsky Jewelers.

Congrats to those two!

Mike Levin checks in from the West Coast

Anticipation really began to build around 7:30.

A Sam Hinkie banner was raised to the ceiling, where it shall remain for eternity.

Waiting for the picks to finally be announced.

Holy crap just announce the picks already...

The Sixers win the lottery! Oh, it was just Joel Embiid on the big screen.

When everyone found out the pick swap was actually going to be used.

Nik Stauskas used it to troll the Sacramento Kings hard.

The moment Sixers fans found out they would be picking third.

Embiid clearly was not pleased.

The mood was a bit subdued once everyone realized the Sixers wouldn’t be picking above the Lakers, but regardless, it was an incredible showing for the best fanbase in the NBA.

The Process may be dead, but it will live on in our hearts, and Sam Hinkie’s legacy will live on in the rafters of XFINITY Live. It’ll always be Sam’s Town.

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