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Liberty Links: Markelle Fultz is doing his best to stay off of the Orlando Magic white board

Fultz is conducting interviews with teams, but not the Orlando Magic (yet).

NCAA Basketball: Washington at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Since I fully expect all our lottery dreams to come crashing down on Tuesday night, I’m trying to keep a positive outlook for the time being. We’re going to continue to talk about Markelle Fultz until it doesn’t make sense to anymore, and I’m going to savor the hope that he’ll end up wearing Sixers colors for the foreseeable future.

Onward to the links we go.

Markelle Fultz is in for interviews, but not with the Orlando Magic

Reporters are out at the NBA Combine, giving us a few nuggets of information on what the Sixers are doing between now and the lottery. As Shamus briefly wrote about yesterday, the team set up an interview with UW’s Markelle Fultz, the near-consensus No. 1 pick.

Fultz made the rounds with teams in the high lottery already, with a lone exception:

This shouldn’t stop them from drafting him if they get the No. 1 overall pick. Fultz may be trying to avoid ending up on their white board, but Liberty Ballers got an exclusive look at who they’d consider if they got the top selection.

That franchise really needs to work on their cyber security.

Markelle Fultz’s unique ball-handling style gives him immense upside — Cole Zwicker, Fansided

If we’re doing the comparison game, Fultz’s handle and shake is reminiscent of CJ McCollum, save for Fultz can do this while keeping his head up in superior fashion to survey the court, which is a terrifying combination for opposing defenses. What makes Fultz a rarity for his age is how many advanced dribble moves he has in his arsenal already. He’s not quite on a Kyrie Irving outlier level of handle, but his toolbox here is close to elite.

Hey Adam Silver, if you’re out there reading this, I’m going to need you to deliver the No. 1 pick to Philadelphia. Thanks brother.

Ty Lue weighs in on Cleveland’s handshakes

There will not be as many laughs after the Cavs lose their first game in the Finals, I promise you that.

Jeremy Lin says racist remarks he heard from opponents were worse in NCAA than NBA

Somehow, it doesn’t seem surprising that a minority playing predominantly against schools filled with trust-fund kids would face a lot of hate. Being different will always put you in the crosshairs, but at least Lin is stuntin’ on all those fools now.

Dirk Nowitzki goes to the Tim Duncan school of fashion

Meanwhile, the guy the Sixers took over him has less followers on Twitter than I do. Shout out Larry Brown.

The small tweak that helped Kawhi Leonard become an elite shooter — Scott Rafferty, Fansided

As Scott mentions/displays in this piece, the tweaks Leonard had to make to his shot were fairly minimal. This is the sort of thing to keep in mind when trying to assess a prospect’s ability to progress as a shooter at the next level.

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