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Allen Iverson says Russell Westbrook is MVP, could never rest the way players do now

The Sixers legend talks about today’s NBA.

NBA: New York Knicks at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Allen Iverson sat down with the fantastic Jonathan Abrams for an interview published on B/R Mag today.

Check out the whole piece for his full interview, but here are some notable responses from Iverson.

On why Russell Westbrook should be MVP:

I just think he's headed to doing something that we never thought would happen again [in averaging a triple-double throughout a season].

On modern players resting frequently:

To each his own. If coaches feel that that's the best way for them to succeed, then that's what you do. [Gregg] Popovich has been doing it for a while, and it's been successful for those guys. But for someone like me, it's something that I could never do, because I love to play so much. I just feel like I can rest once the game is over or rest me the next day at practice. (laughs)

I wouldn't have approved of missing no games. Me and my coaches would have had a big problem, but I definitely understand everything that [Kevin] Durant was saying as far as the superstar players, and other players are able to do it and it gets swept under the rug.

On his legendary crossover against Michael Jordan as a rookie:

I don't think I thought about anything. I just knew he was guarding me. I just wanted to put my move to the test on the greatest player to ever play—that ever played the game. I didn't think about it when it happened. I didn't realize what had been done until the aftermath.

ESPN's and my teammates talking about it and my family and friends calling me and talking about it. I was just playing basketball. It was just a basketball reaction.

On the future of the Sixers:

Man, we just got the No. 1 pick [Ben Simmons]. [Joel] Embiid showed what he can do this year. We've got other role-playing guys on that squad and I be at a lot of games. And they lose a lot of games. They don't get blown out a lot of games like they had been in the past, and that's when you can see the growth.

They have a great coach in Brett Brown, and the atmosphere is always good there, because Sixer fans love basketball. You've just got to be patient with them. Our best player is hurt. Embiid went through injuries all season after not playing in a couple seasons. So, you add that veteran presence, a couple guys that been there, done that, know the ropes, and you put them with that young talent, the sky's the limit for us.

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