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Sixers owner David Blitzer: "We were completely clueless" after team purchase

Andrew Bynum might agree with that.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Sixers owner David Blitzer spoke at the SportsBusiness Journal World Congress of Sports today. Amidst a lot of comments about eSports, he had one intriguing tidbit about the early tenure of the current Sixers ownership, per the SportsBusiness Journal’s Daniel Kaplan:

Whether the ownership is still clueless six years later is another discussion entirely, but this is just a reminder of how bizarre the Sixers’ ownership was at that time. Private equity executive Joshua Harris led the group as the Managing Owner with Blitzer sliding in as the Co-Managing Owner, along with an assortment of other investors that included Will “Hasn’t Seen a Sixers Game in Person in 15 years” Smith and Adam “Mayor McCheese of McDonaldland” Aron.

These were the architects who helped execute the infamous Andrew Bynum deal, where the Sixers surrendered a future Finals MVP in Andre Iguodala as well as Nikola Vucevic, Maurice Harkless and a future first-round selection for a player who played exactly zero games for the franchise. “Clueless” might hit the nail on the head here.

Worth mentioning in the cluelessness is the totally inept public relations disaster that was @SixersCEOAdam, who handled the Bynum situation with the grace of someone falling facedown in the gutter while hammered drunk:

Wow, a Sixers executive giving false hope about when a player would return from play? Good thing the team’s no longer “clueless” and learned from those mistakes.

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