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ESPN analysts can’t remember player’s name who deserves Rookie of the Year over Joel Embiid

Sounds like a strong case!

Though we here at Liberty Ballers support Joel Embiid and his case for Rookie of the Year, we are always open to new ideas. I don’t know that you’d go so far as to say we, “embrace debate,” but an openness to having your mind changed is important on the path to enlightenment.

This is, well, decidedly not that. There should probably be a rule in the voters guide that says if you can’t remember the guy’s name you want to vote for, you probably should not be saying who is and is not deserving of the award. Contrary opinions and views are one thing, but this sort of exposes the rest of the rookie class for what it is: an amorphous blob that quite literally would need a step ladder to get to Embiid’s level.

Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith were eventually able to get to the point here, but the tape doesn’t lie. This is a 76ers award, deal with it.

[Shout out to Marshall Harris for grabbing a recording of this nonsense]

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