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Sixers News: Sixers finish 2016-17 season in top 10 for NBA merchandise sales

That’s a lot of shirseys.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers’ improved record did not go unnoticed by people who buy merchandise. According to sales figures released by the NBA on Tuesday morning, the Sixers are on track to finish in the top 10 for merchandise sales in the league.

Although the Sixers were not able to land a player in the top 15 of jersey sales, they grabbed the ninth spot in overall merchandise sales this season, sandwiched between the Boston Celtics at No. 8 and Toronto Raptors at No. 10. After the team’s surge in January, there were a lot more Joel Embiid jerseys spotted around town in Philadelphia, and I assume we would have seen a similar phenomenon had Ben Simmons been able to suit up this season.

Most of the usual suspects are in the top 15 for player-specific jersey sales, although there were a couple surprises lingering. Stephen Curry and LeBron James reigning at the top was to be expected, but Dwyane Wade (No. 11) and Derrick Rose (No. 12) staying in the mix shows the power of market size and name recognition. The best days for both players are well behind them, but moves to new locations almost certainly helped.

Here’s the full list, for anyone interested:

On the Sixers’ front, it’s proof that people in this city (and beyond) are dying to have something or someone to get excited about. If the talent boost the franchise has on the horizon is as good as we all expect, prepare to make room on the bandwagon.

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