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Here’s Dario Saric singing Highway to Hell because he’s the Rookie of the Year

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Dario Saric can do it all.

You may have noticed the Sixers trending toward a late-season swoon, which is an all-too-familiar trend for this franchise. Joel Embiid is out for the season (ditto Ben Simmons) and a lot of the joy surrounding the team in January went with him.

But we still have Dario Saric. The Homie has surged over the last month, establishing his case to be named the Rookie of the Year if Joel Embiid’s abbreviated season costs him the title, and you can add “delightful renditions of AC/DC songs” to his skill package.

If we’re going to take this journey together over the season’s final 20 games, we have to make sure we enjoy the little things (and that’s word to Zombieland) to break through to the other side with our sanity intact. Saric will provide a lot of that value on the court with his signature mix of flashy passes and hard-nosed rebounding, and the occasional karaoke jam doesn’t hurt either.

As we make the transition toward full-blown draft obsession and gear up for the annual Vlade Divac Fan Club meeting Lottery Party, don’t forget to treasure the dying embers of Dario Saric’s rookie campaign. What a wonderful gift of a person the 76ers would have if they were somehow able to convince him to come over.