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Sixers executive gets Ben Simmons shaved into his head

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That’s showing some major love for Ben

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Indiana Pacers Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Sixers Senior Vice President of Sales and Services Jake Reynolds will be sporting a new haircut for the remainder of the season, inspired by first-overall pick Ben Simmons.

It looks like the Sixers’ sales team hit a season ticket milestone as part of a bet with Reynolds, leading to this absurd haircut.

Simmons himself even showed Reynolds some love for the cut, as he posted a picture of it on his Instagram:

A post shared by Ben Simmons (@bensimmons) on

If the pick swap with the Kings gets the Sixers the number-one pick in May’s NBA draft lottery, I think I might need to make an appointment with this barber and get Vlade Divac shaved into the back of my head.