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Delaware 87ers Honor Beau Biden Foundation

Former Vice President Joe Biden was in attendance

Scott O’Neil and Joe Biden at the Delaware 87ers game
Shamus Clancy - Liberty Ballers

Former vice president Joe Biden made an appearance last night at the Delaware 87ers game against the Windy City Bulls, as the team was set to honor the Beau Biden Foundation, named for Biden’s late son who passed away in May 2015.

With Sixers CEO Scott O’Neil on hand for a halftime ceremony, Biden opened with a joke about his time at the University of Delaware, whose basketball arena hosts the Sevens’ home games. “Even though I was on the football team here,” Biden said as a former member of the Blue Hens freshman football team, “Who would've believed on a basketball court I couldn't go to my left?”

Biden got serious after that, however.

He spoke of his son’s devotion to combating child abuse, as he formerly served as the Attorney General of Delaware. The foundation continues on that tradition, working to protect children in harm’s way. More information on the foundation can be found here.

A portion of ticket sales were donated to the foundation from the Sevens. O’Neil announced that the Sixers themselves would make a donation as well.

If you would like to make a donation, you can also do so here.

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