Brooklyn "Process" learned from Philly.

Interesting article directly comparing the Brooklyn Nets deep rebuild now to the Sixers "Process".

While the Sixers are now emerging from their version of "The Process" the Nets are seen as in the early stages of their own version of "The Process".

Brooklyn Nets’ Rebuild in Early Stages of "The Process"

  • The 2016-17 Brooklyn Nets season has clearly been one centered around rebuilding. This is something that the Philadelphia 76ers have been doing since 2013.
  • Philadelphia had been a mediocre team from 2004-2012. After Allen Iverson’s departure, the Sixers were a middle of the pack playoff team.
  • Hinkie immediately orchestrated one of the most notable tank jobs in NBA history.
  • While the Nets have been unable to tank due to their loss of draft picks, Sean Marks has taken steps towards acquiring picks and gathering assets as well. Brooklyn has, in its own way, began a version of the process that will take much longer and will involve taking a lot more risks.
  • When analyzing the picks the Sixers have made since starting the rebuilding process, they have yet to make a "safe" pick in the draft. They have taken many players with heavy baggage that many teams would be scared off by.
  • Both of these teams have swung for the fences with their picks as of recent.
  • Once there is evidence of one of Marks’ risks paying off in a franchise-changing way, Brooklyn will be comparable to this year’s Sixers.
So the author sees the similarities in the way that the Nets like Hinkie's Sixers are swinging for the fences and taking "risks" on their picks and development projects.
They also see the Nets process as one that will most likely taking even longer than the Sixers process which is definitely emerging now in its 4th year from tanking to a team that should be playing to make the playoffs going forward.

  • The question is: when will a player of this caliber come the Nets way? The most likely answer to this question is the 2019 draft. With no incentive for a big name free agent to sign with the Nets and low round draft picks, the chances of a franchise-changing player coming to Brooklyn before 2019 are very slim.
The Sixers deep dive into the process was defined and launched by big risk, the Andrew Bynum trade.
What began with huge championship hopes and ended up in what is now "The Process".

The Nets made a number of bad moves contributing to their demise but the current deep dive into the process was clearly defined by their own big risk trade to move up just about the time the Sixers were starting their process down.

Garnett, Pierce, Terry - Brooklyn Nets

  • The Nets dealt away Gerald Wallace, Kris Joseph, Kris Humphries, Keith Bogans, MarShon Brooks, their 2014 1st round pick, 2016 1st round pick, the right to swap their 2017 1st round pick, and their 2018 1st round pick.
  • In return, they received Garnett, Pierce, and Jason Terry. The Nets gave up a lot to pick up 3 aging All-Stars for a win now team. The Nets had the highest paid starting 5 ever in NBA history at that point in time.
Interestingly enough the only trade considered here worse in Nets history is one that also had a big Philly connection:
  • The Nets dealt Erving to the 76ers for 3 million dollars.
Erving won the 1981 MVP, was an 11-time All-Star, 1983 Champion and eventually made his way to the Hall of Fame. The year after the trade occurred the Nets went 20-62 and low ticket sales forced them to move to New Jersey.
So while Philly's process may finally have the 2017 draft as the last one where the draft is the primary focus of the season, the Nets are just beginning by looking ahead to draft picks in the 2019 draft.

  • In looking at potential franchise cornerstones who Marks could target in the 2019 NBA Draft, several early candidates look promising. projects Marvin Bagley as a "top prospect of this generation." The site also notes Moses Brown, a 7-foot-1 New York product and Kostas Antetokounmpo, Giannis’ younger brother, as top prospects who could enter the 2019 NBA Draft.
  • While these rankings are subject to change significantly in the next two years, landing an Embiid-level talent in the 2019 NBA Draft would be a huge stepping stone in Brooklyn’s version of "The Process."

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