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Sixers News: Ben Simmons is dunking and juggling basketballs with his feet

A snow day delight!

Ben Simmons’ foot may not have healed as quickly as anticipated, but he’s still looking pretty good. The No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 Draft was dunking basketballs at Sixers shootaround today, a welcome sight after nothing but bad news in recent weeks.

For a fanbase that’s used to analyzing workout video like the Zapruder film, balance feels like it has been restored to the universe. Move over, Joel Embiid dunking on a 5’10” white dude, here comes Simmons playing one-on-none!

In case you thought we could get through a post about Simmons without some controversy, fear not! Here’s the young forward juggling a basketball with his feet, which is at least equivalent on the concern-trolling spectrum to dancing at a Meek Mill concert:

As much as some 76ers fans would like to surround Simmons with layers of bubble wrap, it’s good to see him out on the floor with teammates and getting a sweat going. He’s definitely not exerting max effort or hitting top speed in these videos, but he’s closer to where he needs to be at the very least.

For now, this is as close to game action as you’re going to see for Simmons. Savor it as you prepare for the Embiid-Simmons takeover next season.

[Jessica Camerato]

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