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Year in Review: A Letter to former Sixer teams

Things have been up and down this season, but for the first time in forever, the Sixers have a direction

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Dear 2013-2016 Philadelphia 76ers,

Thank you. I’m sure that’s not something that is said a lot about these teams, but these tough years changed how the Sixers work now and for that I am forever grateful. All the losing and constant roster turnover has led to this point, where a team constructed from years of tanking can finally compete.

Without Hollis Thompson there is no Ben Simmons, without Henry Sims there is no Joel Embiid. The list goes on and on with former Processors who aren’t in the NBA anymore but that is what made these years so equally ugly and beautiful at the same time. Games weren’t always easy to watch but that is where the true fans earned their stripes. These teams were hated by people in the league offices, but people in Philadelphia didn’t panic because we all knew the results of all this trouble would all be worth it in the end.

The time has come for all of the pain and suffering that the years 2013-2016 brought Philadelphia to finally pay off, and while everything isn’t perfect, things are looking up. The Process means so much more than just years of losing seasons, it’s a way of thinking. For however bad things are going there is always better things ahead. The Sixers aren’t going to win the NBA Finals right now, but for the first time in seemingly forever there is hope.

Without “Trust the Process” in its very young stage, there is no “Welcome to the Moment”, so thank you for being the reason why there is so much excitement around the city now. Philadelphia basketball isn’t perfect, much like anything going on in Philadelphia, but that’s what makes it so great. There’s beauty in the madness of the Process, and without all of these tough seasons fans wouldn’t be able to enjoy the sustained success that the Philadelphia 76ers eventually WILL have. So once and for all, thank you for all the losing, but more importantly for all of the great things that the future holds.


A very hopeful Sixer fan

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