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Just How Long is the Sixers Starting Five?

In the modern NBA, length is often more important than height. So how long is the Sixers’ starting five? Very.

NBA: Utah Jazz at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Height is sexy. When Matt Cord announces Joel Embiid’s height as 7’2” during team intros, people get lightheaded. But in today’s NBA, much more attention is paid to someone wingspan length, especially when it comes to defense. The Sixers - outside of J.J. Redick - have an impossibly long starting five.

Player wingspans are notoriously inconsistent from measurement to measurement. And once you reach the pros, you’re pretty much never measured ever again. So for argument's sake, here's how we're listing wingspans:

Ben Simmons - “between 6’11 and 7’0” so let’s go with 6’11.5”

J.J. Redick - 6'3¼"

Robert Covington - 7'2"

Dario Saric - 6'10"

Joel Embiid - 7'5.75"

Combined, the starting five is a total 416.5 inches (or 34 feet, 8.5 inches) long, Red Rover style. Therefore, the Sixers' starting five - not at all to scale - is:

  • 79% of the length between the corner 3 spots:
  • 14.5 feet longer than Teddy Roosevelt’s Mount Rushmore Mustache
  • 73.8% of the halfcourt
  • The width of 43.8 basketballs
  • The length of 29.75 Lorenzo’s slices
  • The length of 3.92 Smart Fortwos
  • Four feet taller than the Great Wall of China
  • 59% of the size of Dario Saric’s favorite prehistoric fish, the Megalodon
  • 87% of the length of a SEPTA bus
  • 94% of the height of the William Penn Statue atop City Hall
  • 10 feet wider than a Redwood Tree
  • And finally, the combined height of 17.35 Larry O’Brien Trophies

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