Simmons wrong handed shooting ...

Ben Simmons may have one of the most unusual cases of very-good-player-can't-shoot-well that we've ever seen in the NBA.

There's been many very good players that didn't shoot well, especially coming into the league but how often is it because the player shoots with the wrong hand? In Ben Simmons case it appears this is the most direct reason for both his free throw shooting issues AND his complete lack of 3 point shooting!

Ben Simmons is likely better shooting free throws with his other hand

against the Wizards. Washington tried the hack-a-Shaq strategy to force the young player to take as many shots from the line as possible.


After the game, Simmons promised that his poor percentage will not last very long. But the problem could feed back into the argument that the young left-handed player should be shooting as a righty.

Ben credits his dexterous displays to his father’s sleight-of-hand demands during his childhood’s developmental stages. Father told son to dribble and shoot lefty. At LSU, Ben fires all jump shots left-handed with ease, but finishes right-handed at the rim most often.

"I think I was supposed to be right-handed," Ben says. "It’s all natural now."

The difference in form when Simmons shoots free throws right handed even if its just in warm ups makes me wonder if he wouldn't be better off changing hands IMMEDIATELY.

Of course we understand that years and years of muscle memory now have gone into his shooting jumpers and free throws left handed so he's understandably not willing to risk a change in his shooting hand mid-season. Watching his future backcourt partner Fultz appear to tinker with his shooting form with disastrous results probably doesn't help either.

Ben's father evidently did such a good job making sure he could shoot with both hands that he over did it and now Simmons is not psychologically comfortable shooting with his more natural right hand.

On the other hand when he doesn't think about it and is just having fun he can do stuff like this with his right hand:

On the first extended road trip of his career, Simmons sits in the back booth of a restaurant in downtown Sacramento, sipping his second hot chocolate. A fly buzzes by his head and he catches it with a wave of his right hand.

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