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Checking in on ESPN’s Sixers Day

A mic’d up Brett Brown, Big Daddy, and JoJo with Stephen A.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Over on ESPN, all day, it’s Rusev Sixers Day. All leading up to tonight’s primetime showdown between the Sixers and Thunder, people involved with the team are popping up on tons of ESPN shows all day. It’s like then TGIF shows used to all cross over with each other but a lot more Process.

So far today - if you haven’t been watching because you’re at work or something - here’s what we’ve seen.

Brett Brown was mic’d up during a practice. There are lots of whistles and I assume a lot of “SH*T” than ended up on the cutting room floor:

Bryan Colangelo sat down with the GOAT Doris Burke:

Doris with Ben Simmons:

JJ Redick talked to Philly’s own Kevin Negandhi, who asks JJ about his prior out-spokenness against the Process. Stick around for JJ calling himself a “slower, less athletic, whiter version of LeBron”:

“How 76ers fans are 'trusting the process',” starring Big Daddy, Al Horwitz, Allen Iverson, (ugh) Anthony Gargano, and some locals:

And finally, Joel Embiid with - uggghhhhhhhh - Stephen A. Smith:

UPDATE: Here’s one more of Joel and Justin Anderson playing a card game I never heard of, mostly notable because JA accused JoJo of lying and JoJo responds “I don’t lie, I’m a man of God.”

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