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NBA2k Accidentally Leaked the Sixers’ “City” Jersey

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

While the Sixers get set to wear their third jersey for the first time this Friday, NBA2k looks like it accidentally leaked what the Sixers (and most of the NBA’s) fourth jersey will look like.

In an update, the people at 2k accidentally added the NBA’s set of “City Edition” uniforms before any of them have been officially announced. Here’s what the Sixers’ will look like, according to

UPDATE: A higher quality image from Conrad Burry shows the uni is an off-white/grey ish:

With all four of their uniforms this year, the Sixers seem to be sticking to the same general theme, unlike some other teams who went a little wild with their fourth set. The Magic has an outer space pattern, the Jazz went full gradient, the Pelicans finally went full Mardi Gras colors, and Chicago honors their city flag.

Additionally, more leaks showed the New Era hats designed with the City Edition in mind, which shows what I assume will be the shorts logo for the Sixers’ uni:

It’s certainly not a bad look, but it seems the Sixers went with consistency over the out-of-left-field path some teams took.

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