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Markelle Fultz is Rehabbing in Kentucky

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report from Keith Pompey - and hinted at on his social media - Markelle Fultz is rehabbing his shoulder imbalance in Lexington, Kentucky (appropriately at the Shoulder Center) under the supervision of surgeon Ben Kibler. Pompey reports that Fultz will remain in Kentucky to do physical therapy for a couple of days before returning to Philadelphia, and then going back to Kentucky again “in the next week or two” for a re-evaluation.

During last night’s game live-tweeting, I asked when people thought Fultz would return. A decent number of people suggested the Christmas Day game, but even if everything goes super well, that window is looking a little tight. We’ll obviously update with a new post when we know more - or anything - about Fultz’s return to the floor.

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