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Woj: An Okafor Trade Could Focus on 2nd Round Picks, the Phoenix Suns

This is the song that never ends.

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When it was announced that the Sixers didn’t pick up Jahlil Okafor’s fourth-year player option, I sent a quick message out to the other writers here asking if anyone wanted to do a post-mortem of sorts on Jah’s time here. A response I got was that one writer was very happy to never have to write about Okafor again. I still have to.

Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted last night during the game - not long after Bryan Colangelo was seen looking at his phone, CONSPIRACY??? - that the Sixers are still working on a trade for Okafor. Jah told the media yesterday that Bryan doesn’t want him to walk for free, which is what is going to happen in the offseason anyway so whatever, and Woj is now reporting a possible deal could be focused on bringing some future 2nd rounders in:

Colangelo has remained determined to find an Okafor trade that will bring the Sixers back an asset, but the Sixers ultimate deal point could be centered on future second-round draft picks, league sources told ESPN.

Several teams have shown interest in Okafor as a reclamation project, and league sources said that the aftermath of a possible Phoenix Suns guard Eric Bledsoe trade could trigger the freeing of a roster spot or salary cap space for a team to absorb Okafor. The Suns have been monitoring Okafor's circumstance with the 76ers, and a Bledsoe deal could create the moving parts around the league necessary for Okafor to be relocated.

Here’s what I don’t understand: Why?

Why not just buy him out? If you want to save a couple million dollars by trading for some picks and having someone pick up the rest of Jah’s bill, that money is minuscule. If you don’t wanna let him walk for nothing because it’s an admission of failure, fine, but it’s not even your failure, it’s Hinkie’s. And here’s the biggest mystery to me: The reports were that trades were previously available but none brought back enough value to pull the trigger. That’s fine, I understand that, but Okafor has literally never had less value. He wants out, he’s not playing, he’s a free agent at the end of the season, and everybody knows this. Letting him sit and rot on the bench for more time only lessens the already microscopic value he has. Imagine trying to sell someone nearly spoiled milk for a dollar, and they only offer 75 cents. Holding out longer is only making the product worse, so the offers aren’t going up. Sorry Jah, you’re the spoiling milk (that I hope becomes fresh somewhere else and does well but let’s face it it’s not happening here we all know this). Okay. As far as analogies go, milk was a bad choice.

I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again: Just cut your ties and move on. It’s better for everybody.

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