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An Encyclopedia of Joel Embiid’s Post Moves

Encyclopedia Embiidica

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Los Angeles Lakers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Joel Embiid is fresh off of the best game of his career. On his way to 46 points (on 20 shots), JoJo pulled a plethora is moves out of his post-up arsenal. While he has a solid mid-range game and can hit the three, Embiid is feasting in the post this season. He leads the league in points off of post-ups, and is just bullying everyone who gets in his way. That includes Andrew Bogut, Julius Randle, Willie Cauley-Stein, DeAndre Jordan, and that other guy.

So when Embiid reaches into his bag of tricks in the paint, low, and high-post, he’s pulling out new, old, and copied moves that can be damn near unstoppable. Here, categorized and named, are some of them (most from this year, too many to actually categorize):

The 69%

The Banker

The Bench Party

The Big Boy

The Bulldozer

The Celebration Rack

The Constant Headache

The Coup de Grace

The Croatian Cleanup

The Excuse Me

The Fever Dream Shake (h/t to Matt Moore)

The Good Tipper

The Hesi Stepback JoJo

The Is He Human, or Is He Dancer?

The Just Shoot It

The No Known Drink or Dunk

The Now You See Me

The Now You Don’t

The Rise Up with Fists

The Shot Stick

The Spectating Willie

The Spin ‘n’ Spin

The Squeeze

The Swimfoul

The Take Away

The “Too Much Man”

The Two-Timer

The Yaoundé Step

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