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Video Profile Tells T.J. McConnell’s Pro Path in his Own Words

Timothy John talks to go90 Zone and shows off some high school highlights.

NBA: Houston Rockets at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It’s often said that Philadelphia loves a “blue-collar” athlete. It’s one of many reasons the entire greater Philadelphia area was (and still is) obsessed with Chase Utley. “Hard-nosed,” “gritty,” etc. You can make the same comments about everyone’s favorite #GritGod T.J. McConnell. What he lacks in talent and natural athleticism he makes up for in effort, heart, and obviously, grit. He’s gone from a nobody who wasn’t even recognized at Xfinity Live!* to your favorite Process truster’s favorite Sixer.

go90 - the same people behind “The Fifth Quarter,” which will feature Joel Embiid in an upcoming episode - recently profiled McConnell and asked him about his path to the NBA. In the brief video that came out of it, we hear about Timothy John’s road in his own words and see some sweet high school highlights.

It’s nearly impossible to dislike T.J. McConnell - admission: I used to dislike T.J. McConnell - and this video proves that the grit is real.

*When I wrote that post, I was told I had to add “Sixers guard” to the headline because just saying “T.J. McConnell” wasn’t informative enough. How far we’ve come.

h/t r/Sixers

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