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Jahlil Okafor Would Like a Buyout or a Trade, Obviously

NBA: Preseason-Memphis Grizzlies at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the Sixers decided that the Jahlil Okafor era would end on a slow fade out. They weren’t exercising his fourth-year option, and said they’d continue to look for workable trades. Though if you haven’t found one before, are you going to fine one now when his value is literally at an all-time low?

The most likely scenario seems that Okafor will just park himself on the bench in warmups and not move. Ever. Then he’ll be a free agent. Win-win, right? Understandably, Jah prefers another idea. Marc Stein reported last night (and Jessica Camerato confirmed today) that Jah wants out via buyout (or trade):

On that last point, it’s not at all shocking that Okafor’s definition of workable isn’t the same as the Sixers’, and that’s nobody’s fault. But you gotta believe him here, right? If you spent all that time he’s been on the block trying to find a deal and you haven’t had one doable trade? Either you’re valuing him too high or are actually not fully motivated to move him. And if that deal hasn’t been out there, it won’t be now, so maybe buy the dude out like he’s asking.

I was gonna open this paragraph with something about the Sixers having a stretch without back-to-backs and Richaun Holmes coming back soon so Jah wouldn’t be needed, but it’s been made clear that they don’t think he’s needed and he doesn’t feel needed. The situation has been a mess almost since day one. It’s time to just move on clean. Cut your ties. You’ll be better off. Bon voyage to your fourth string center.

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