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Markelle Fultz’s Trainer Says He Didn’t Change His Shot

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The saga continues.

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Hello again, we’re back with another fast and furious edition of “Where in the World is Markelle Fultz’s Jumper?” In our last episode, Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo said Fultz will sit for a couple of games and then be reevaluated due to shoulder soreness that is either causing his changed shot or was caused by his changed shot. We’ve so far heard from coach Brett Brown, Colangelo, and Fultz’s agent. Anyone else want to chime in? Actually, Fultz’s trainer does.

Keith Williams, who has trained and taught Fultz since he was a kid, called in to WIP’s Carlin & Reese this afternoon. He said the team was being “hypersensitive,” Markelle’s shot isn’t changed but is “messed up,” and that the Sixers’ stance that Markelle modified his form is “false.” To be clear, he said neither he nor Markelle have any problems with the Sixers. Williams also spoke to USA Today:

“The shot was never changed (before the shoulder pain)...He’s a great shooting point guard. There haven’t been many point guards who shot the ball as well as him coming out of college, off the dribble and off the catch. I never changed the shot. Why would I?”

So let’s talk hypotheticals: In this situation, no one wants to be at fault. So when Fultz’s agent says he’s shooting poorly because he’s hurt, the Sixers (Brett Brown and Bryan Colangelo collectively) say Fultz changed his shot on his own and that may be why he’s sore, and his trainer says he was sore and then he changed his shot, who do we choose to believe?

I’m not sure, but as we have seen with this team over the last few years: It doesn’t matter who the player is, what the injury (or non-injury situation) is, or who the GM is. Things tend to get weird, and this isn’t over yet.