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Bryan Colangelo Attempts to Right the Ship, Markelle Fultz to Sit Three Games

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What a fun 24 hours it’s been.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers-Press Conference James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s go back to this time yesterday. We were concerned about Markelle Fultz’s shot and new conspiracy theories were cropping up by the second. Those somehow feel like the good ol’ days. Mid-day yesterday Fultz’s agent said Markelle had fluid drained from his shoulder and “literally” could not life his arm to shoot. A few hours later, that was revised and corrected to say they actually put liquid in Fultz’s shoulder in the form of a cortisone shot. Afterwards, second opinions and the team decided the treatment would be physical therapy. And that takes us to this morning.

At today’s shootaround, the Sixers handed out a medical update which read:

Markelle Fultz: Right shoulder soreness. He is out for tonight’s game vs. Houston as well as the following two games at Dallas and Houston, respectively. He will be reevaluated next Tuesday.

It’s a good thing the he’s not injured/he’ll sit and be reevaluated pattern has never turned out poorly. Nope.

At shootaround, GM Bryan Colangelo spoke to members of the media to offer some more clarification. It’s debatable if he did. We learned, from the tweets of the assembled media:

So here we go. Back on the merry go ‘round again, this time a shoulder instead of a foot. Technically I guess things are moving up.

Fultz will miss at least three games.