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Andre Drummond Can’t Wait to Face Joel Embiid Again

Our center is going to feud with every other center in the league

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Detroit Pistons Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

You can add Andre Drummond to the “enemies of Joel Embiid” list right below Hassan Whiteside and above the trampoline dunkers in Washington. Embiid had his way with Drummond last night, tallying 30 points to go with 9 rebounds and 2 steals on 73.3% shooting*. Drummond notched a plus/minus of -11.

After the game, as he is known to do, Joel Embiid had some things to say. “Defensively, he doesn’t play any defnese,” Embiid said, just making sure we knew he was talking about defense. “When we started the game, he was being aggressive and he was talking, too. ... So what I was like [in my mind], 'You want to do that? I'm going to kick your ass then.' So that's what I did.”

Drummond responded this morning:

You know, Andre, Joel just said he decided to “kick your ass” after your last smack talk, so maybe you should pace yourself on this one.

*It was only Embiid’s third game of at least 30 points and at least 7 rebounds. Before last night, he had never finished a game with a FG% that high.

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