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TJ McConnell at Rights To Ricky Sanchez Live Podcast

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If you would’ve told me when I first commented (!) on LB back in 2008 — probably about how Kareem Rush should be starting over Willie Green — that one day I’d be on stage with Spike Eskin at a concert venue interviewing Sixers legend TJ McConnell on the precipice of a season where the Sixers have 3 franchise cornerstones under the age of 23, I probably would’ve said......... “Spike’s dad is trash.”

It’s incredibly cool that this is happening, and there’s a 0% chance it would be without LB and the LB Community. My real job has limited my Sixers Takedom to podcast form, but I’m a blogger at heart and LB is my roots. So as LB goes through some regime change because the writers here have been *TOO GOOD* to not be paid a legitimate living wage for their work, just know that I’m still lingering around these dark hallways, glancing wistfully at my keyboard, waiting for another Mikki Moore free agent rumor to break so I can whip out my blogging fingers and let them dance. I’ve lost the thread of this metaphor. Anyway.

The Rights To Ricky Sanchez Podcast (Spike + me) is holding a live podcast this coming Saturday, October 7th. TJ McConnell is the featured guest, but LB original Derek Bodner + abject piece of shit John Gonzalez will also come on. After the podcast, TJ will take pictures with everybody, and if you’re some weird lunatic who wants a picture with Spike or me, we’ll take pictures with you too.

TICKETS: $20, buy them here. Sadly this one is 21+over, but future events will not be.

WHERE: Underground Arts in Philadelphia (website, directions)

TIME: 4pm (doors at 2:30 pm)

We’ve already announced a HARDWOOD-SLAPPING CONTEST that 5 people from the crowd will come on stage and participate in. TJ, if he hasn’t run away from us, will pick the winner, who will receive a Joel Embiid game-used water bottle and I think Spike said a Hinkie ping pong ball? Wild that this is a real thing.

We have a bunch more weird shit in store for the first-ever Ricky Live. Come by and say what’s up. It’s crazy how this thing has grown over the years. Earnestly hyped for it to coincide with the Sixers being actually good for the first time in this blog’s life.

Come celebrate their pre-success with us before the Sixers find a new way to Sixers this.

Below is this weekend’s podcast where we had TJ on to talk about what he’s in for, as well as Embiid’s health, what to expect out of Richaun and Jahlil, and how dumb Lottery Reform is. Subscribe here.

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