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Introducing Liberty Ballers’ New Managing Editor

A quick update.

NBA: Preseason-Philadelphia 76ers at Boston Celtics Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

Hi. I’m Jim Adair. You may know me as one half of Stepover Tees or as the co-host of The Stepover Pod with Max Rappaport. You may not know me at all. But today I am happy to be coming aboard as Liberty Ballers’ new Managing Editor.

For a long time, this site has been the go-to place to talk about the Sixers, and for good reason. The work of those who are here and those who have come and gone (there are way too many to name) has been incomparable. I am honored to be able to contribute to and be a part of this site’s legacy.

This is a big moment for this team and this fan base. The transition from Process to post-Process (I refuse to say “progress”) has the attention of the entire NBA, and I am very excited to be a part of it here at LB. My timing is certainly a little Colangelo-ian, and you may see some other new names around here soon, but this isn’t a total upheaval (though I am trading Sean for a fake first).

I’ll be hanging out down in the comments for a bit to chat if anyone has any questions, and I look forward to taking on the start of the season with all of you.

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