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Ben Simmons is working out with the Sixers on the road

The No. 1 overall pick is getting close to suiting up.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers-Media Day Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers won’t commit to a timeline for Ben Simmons, but his return looks closer and closer every day. After subtly hinting at traveling with the team yesterday, Simmons made an appearance on Marc Zumoff’s Instagram this afternoon.

Feast your eyes on this bad boy:

@bensimmons on the road for the first time. This is good...

A video posted by Marc Zumoff (@zooplanet) on

For those keeping score at home, Simmons shot 100 percent from the field in this video. Safe to say his jumpshot has been fixed.

Having now participated in the time-honored tradition of Sixers prospects dominating short white dudes in practice, questions will continue to pour in about his availability. We’ve heard nothing about Simmons participating in any sort of scrimmage or up-tempo activity yet, but those days appear to be within reach.

How cool is it going to be to add this guy to the mix? The Sixers are already starting to show signs of life as a unit, with Joel Embiid leading the charge back to relevance, and adding the No. 1 overall pick should give this bunch an additional shot in the arm.

We might need to start another #NBAVote campaign soon. Stay tuned.

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