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Video: In Memory of Ankles Shattered By Iverson

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One word: ouch.

76ers v Lakers X

There’s no denying that Allen Iverson was a killer on the court over the course of his 14-year career. He terrorized defenses with an array of offensive moves - stepback jumpers, crossovers, even dunks worth of a poster.

Iverson also snatched some ankles during his time in the NBA.

Some of his most iconic on-court moments came when he shook the likes of Tyronn Lue, Michael Jordan, and Antonio Daniels, utterly destroying their lower limbs.

To commemorate those moments, the good people over at the SB Nation studios put together a video of Iverson sending some ankles to their eternal resting place.

RIP, all the ankles Allen Iverson broke

Today, we remember all the ankles Allen Iverson shattered on his way to the Hall of Fame. Rest in peace, ankles.

Posted by SB Nation on Friday, September 9, 2016