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Sixers Media Day: Dario Saric says a hot dog is not a sandwich

Saric gives the correct answer.

Existing in relative seclusion over the last couple years, Dario Saric has been able to avoid the hard-hitting questions Philadelphia is known for.

Until now:

Saric comes out of the gate firing, shutting down the simpletons out there who think a hot dog is a sandwich. In addition to his plus-skills as a point forward, Saric is clearly a connoisseur of the culinary arts.

Unlike the candidates for president this year, Saric speaks clearly and authoritatively. Don’t bring that weak “hot dogs are sandwiches” mess in his house. He sees the downside in opening up the sandwich family to alterations, food vision on par with his court vision.

We’ll have to wait and see what he thinks about the other great debates of our time — cake or pie? Tupac or Biggie? — but for now, The Homie has spoken. Hot dogs are not sandwiches, and don’t you dare suggest otherwise.

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