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Eagles head coach Doug Pederson says “Trust The Process”

You down with TTP?

Synonymous as the phrase may be with the Sixers rebuild, “Trust the process” has become a ubiquitous phrase used by professionals of all sorts. From Ben Simmons Instagram posts to Katy Perry tweets, there is no stopping the process from invading your everyday lives.

It appears Eagles head coach Doug Pederson is one of those co-opting the phrase:

The phrase might be tied to Sam Hinkie’s Sixers on some level, but the concept works in almost any context. If you have a sound guiding philosophy and the will to follow it to its conclusion, that process will bear results. Unless of course your process is a load of garbage, in which case it probably doesn’t matter if you trust it or not!

Seeing the phrase shouted back and forth by one group of diehards grow into something bigger has been fascinating, and it’s only fitting that the Eagles head coach would pick it up as part of his vernacular. With the Birds moving heaven and earth to acquire their (hopeful) future franchise QB in the offseason, they seem in lockstep with the Sixers chase for stars at all costs.

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