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Sixers will wear throwback jerseys honoring 50th anniversary of 1966-67 NBA championship

These are dope.

The Sixers uniform change in recent years has been driven by a desire to make old styles new again. Their newest unveiling is no different, and it appears they'll be wearing an homage to one of the NBA’s best-ever teams at some point this year.

Courtesy of Paul Lukas / UniWatch, this is what the “new” jerseys will look like:

A closer look:

Ultimately these are not all that different from the team’s newest look, but these are dope. They pull off the dual purpose of looking fresh in 2016 while also tributing one of the legendary Sixers teams of the past.

The 66-67 Sixers are one of the more under-appreciated great teams, and stand as one of the few teams to disrupt the Celtics dynasty led by Bill Russell. Philadelphia won 68 games that year, spearheaded by Wilt Chamberlain, who put up a comical 24.1 points, 24.2 rebounds and 7.8 assists a game to win one of his three consecutive MVP awards for the Sixers.

50 years ago the Sixers were at the top of the basketball world, thanks to one of the greatest talents the league has ever seen and a talented supporting cast. With any luck, the franchise will take steps back toward that hallowed ground while honoring their predecessors this season.

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