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Joel Embiid Salutes Former Sixers GM Sam Hinkie in Instagram Post

The Process will never die.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

How much noise can a player make without actually participating in a professional game? Joel Embiid is doing his best to find the answer to that question.

In a post on his Instagram early Saturday evening, Embiid saluted departed GM Sam Hinkie and the oft-debated Process:

THE GOAT #HeDiedForOurSins #TrustTheProcess

A photo posted by Joel Hans Embiid (@joelembiid) on

Style points get deducted for neglecting to use the goat emoji, but Embiid clearly knows how to cater to the diehard portion of the fanbase. Hinkie's reputation will likely always be tied to Embiid's trajectory on the court; GMs are typically talked about in terms of their biggest successes and failures, and Embiid figures to fit the bill either way.

Despite his reputation as a cold, calculating executive stemming from his lack of public appearances and his connection to the No. 1 enemy of a "basketball guy" -- math -- it's clear Hinkie made an impression on one of the team's most important pieces. This shouldn't be that surprising given Kyle Lowry's ringing endorsement of Hinkie, but it certainly contrasts the public perception.

You won't see many GMs garner enough attention to inspire hashtags from their players, particularly months after they've left their post. Good on Embiid for paying homage to a man who bet big on his talent -- let's hope he stays healthy long enough to prove him right.

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