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Landing the Plane: Dario is Touching Down in Philly

According to my sources, It's Lit.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The excitement is palpable, I know. It's been a pretty eventful off season for the Sixers, despite not being in conversations with the top rated free agents or in any trades (thus far!). There's an influx of young talent on the way, and one of them is a Croatian sensation, 2 years in the making.

However, it's been equally exhausting having to continuously talk about the subject over the past 2 years because the will-they-won't-they, Ross and Rachel-like 'drama' between Dario Saric and the Philadelphia 76ers is neither complicated nor compelling. Saric has been continuously beating the same drum about wanting to come to the Sixers for 2 years and the Sixers have been continuously saying that they want Saric to join the team on its ground level.

Listening to the rumors and sources over the past few weeks, months and years has been a little tiresome and I don't begrudge writers and sources giving information or opinions. The only quibble is the weird thought process or narrative of Saric being undecided/flip-flopping or using the financial implications as a crutch to down play or refute what Saric, teammates, and other folk close to Saric's camp has been saying. But, I digress.

Here's a quick update over the past 24 hours on the Saric news:

David Pick, who everyone and there mother has been calling the "European Woj", had tweeted this out:

Around the same time, Jessica Camerato from CSNPhilly had tweeted this:

Then, this morning, apparently Saric's agent had this to say:

Folks, I believe the plane is landing, both literally and figuratively. Rather than ramble on about my thoughts and where Saric fits into the Sixers' "Road to Contention" puzzle, I'll let you guys rejoice in some more positive news. Plus, I'd rather wait for the input of Liberty Ballers' own Saric-fanatic, Shamus Clancy.... who, by the way, is waiting at the airport for the homie Dario. (Totally not weird... and follow @shamus_clancy and/or @jimadair3)

UPDATE [5:30 PM]:

Here's a video of Dario's arrival courtesy of Jim Adair of Cross Broad (Saric comes in around the 19:30 mark) and some pictures from Shamus:

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