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NBA Free Agency Rumors: Sixers Interested in Jamal Crawford

The Sixers have already reached out to the Clippers bench scorer.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

As the old saying goes, the game has always been (and will always be) about getting buckets. With that in mind, the Sixers are apparently making a push for Jamal Crawford, isolation scorer and four-point play specialist.

Crawford certainly checks the "is a veteran" box, but he's one-dimensional as they come and edging close to retirement. His decline over the past couple seasons has been a big reason for the Clippers bench struggles, a fact which would only be amplified by his (assumed) bigger role on a rebuilding Philadelphia team.

In addition to the on-court concerns, the Sixers would likely have to severely overpay -- relative to his current ability, anyway -- to convince him to suit up in Philly. The 36-year-old guard is likely looking for a shot to compete on top of a payday, and the Sixers can't offer much on that front quite yet.

Worth keeping an eye on, but wouldn't bet on this one.