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Get Your Liberty Ballers Apparel Tickets And For The Basketball Tournament

The jerseys and t-shirts are so fresh, so clean.

The last time we provided you with an update on the Liberty Ballers and The Basketball Tournament, we were still fighting for an opportunity to get in. As of Friday, we are just 16 days away from our first game at Philadelphia University.

People always seem to ask about Liberty Ballers apparel, and through The Basketball Tournament, you'll now be able to own some. TBT is selling the same jerseys and shorts the players will be wearing on the court, as well as t-shirts, and they are all super fresh.

Yes, that's the Philadelphia skyline on the front of the jersey. We decided to model these after the super dope Dallas Mavericks alternates, and they came out great.

For those interested in coming out to watch us play (and it would be great if we got a good portion of the LB community out there), you can purchase tickets here. Our first game is July 16 at 2:15 against Team F.O.E., organized by Markieff and Marcus Morris and highlighted by former Sixers Maalik Wayns and Brandon Davies. Tickets are only $20 for adults and $10 for kids for a full day of competitive pro basketball with a ton of recognizable names. Hope to see you there!

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