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Jerry Colangelo: Sixers Not Yet Concerned With Fit in Building Roster

Uncle Jerry thinks the roster is open to interpretation.

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The Sixers continue to send mixed signals about their rebuilding project. One day they're on the verge of sacrificing young talent for Jeff Teague, the next they don't appear all too concerned about fit.

During an appearance on ESPN Radio's Russillo and Kanell show this afternoon, senior (heh) adviser Jerry Colangelo talked about the Sixers plans moving forward. Toward the end of the Sixers segment of the interview, he was asked how they plan to balance fitting pieces together and selecting the best talent.

RUSSILLO: How do you balance a roster when you're still trying to figure out what it is? How do you balance need and best talent? With some of the other pieces and duplicating positions, how do you handle all that stuff knowing the team record wise isn't very good still?

COLANGELO: I think for any franchise with the status that the Sixers have, it's a matter of accumulating all the information you have and looking at all the options you have available to you before any decision is made.

One thing that is certain, this is not a team that is set and looking to fill a need. This is much more than that. On one hand, it's an easier fix, by that I mean there's so much to do that you can just kind of, it's not a matter of picking a spot, there are a lot of spots to address.

This is the sort of mentality Sixers fans have been galvanized by the last few seasons, while recent trade inquiries seem to indicate an opposing philosophy. Trade rumors and talk radio appearances should be taken for the skimming of the surface that they are, but it's hard to get a read on what the new Sixers regime plans to do.

Maybe they're employing the time-tested strategy of, "say so much bullshit that your opponents have no earthly idea what your plan is." Maybe they're as indecisive as a seven-year old staring at an ice-cream truck menu. It's hard to say at this point. Action will define the Colangelo reign, and there's been very little of it to coincide with the chatter. Today, all we can do is chalk another one up in the "best player available" column.

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