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2016 NBA Draft Big Board: Liberty Ballers 3.0

The final Liberty Ballers staff big board before the draft.

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Now that the early withdraw date for domestic players has come and gone, the draft class for 2016 is essentially locked in. There is one more deadline for international players to remove their names (June 13), but there's no indication that the big name players are pulling out.

For the last time before the draft on June 23, the Liberty Ballers staff compiled their top 20, which we turned into a collective top 25. When calculating out the averages, any player who was not on an individual's list was given the value of 21. Honorable mentions for this edition include Maryland's Robert Carter, Michigan's Caris LeVert, Bayern Munich's Paul Zipser, and Oregon State's Gary Payton II.

You can check out the previous big board here.

25. Brice Johnson - PF, North Carolina, 21 years old

Average ranking: 20.1 Ballots: 2/12

Jake Pavorsky (ranked him 16th): Johnson definitely doesn't have the highest of ceilings, but it's hard to not see him being effective as a rotational big for the next 5-10 years. He plays bigger than his listed height of 6' 9", is a workhorse on the glass and a solid rim protector to boot. On the offensive side, now only does he have a knockdown mid-range jumper but he can play above the rim too. Johnson is going to be a late first round gem for some team, just probably not the Sixers.

24. Malik Beasley - SG, Florida State, 19 years old

Average ranking: 20 Ballots: 4/12

Matt Carey (ranked him 15th):  An athletic two-guard who shoots 39 percent from three and is awesome in transition? Count me in. He's exactly the type of role player who the Sixers should be looking to surround Simmons with. I'm of the belief that a lot of his defensive issues can be corrected by good coaching, and if that's the case, you have a two-guard that can dunk, shoot threes, and defend. In the back half of the first round, you can't ask for much more than that. Recent surgery on a stress fracture in his leg is preventing him from doing individual workouts, but that shouldn't matter, he'll be ready for camp.

23. Domantas Sabonis - PF, Gonzaga, 20 years old

Average ranking: 19.2 Ballots: 6/12

Shamus Clancy (ranked him 19th): The son of arguably the greatest European basketball player of all time, Sabonis blossomed as a sophomore with a killer offensive game on the low block, scoring 1.1 points per post-up possession, per Synergy Sports. Unlike a certain Sixers big man the team watched work in the post this past season, Sabonis cleans the glass with proficiency. He was one of the best rebounders in college basketball last season with a rebounding rate of 20.7 percent (18th in the nation), which should translate decently well to the next level. His lack of top-tier athleticism and below average wingspan (6'10.5) will prevent him from being a great rim protector; however, getting an elite rebounder with a nice offensive base late in the first round in a weaker draft is good value even for a team over-encumbered with big men like the Sixers.

22. Patrick McCaw - SG, UNLV, 20 years old

Average ranking: 19.1 Ballots: 3/12

Kyle Neubeck (ranked him 16th): Prototype length at shooting guard and an array of combo-guard skills make McCaw an intriguing target despite his underdeveloped frame. Needs to rein in his shot selection and add some weight, but is one of the few guys in this draft with legitimate two-way potential. He'll need to cut back on some of his gambling on defense to become a lockdown defender, but flashed great hands and created a ton of transition looks out of thin air at the college level. Sort of regret not placing him a bit higher, truthfully.

21. Skal Labissiere - PF, Kentucky, 20 years old

Average ranking: 18.3 Ballots: 7/12

Jake Hyman (ranked him 9th):  The Sixers attended a Pro Day featuring Labissiere, but with teams lacking rim protectors from picks 10-13, the Haitian will be difficult to reel in via a trade-up. His game arguably will translate more adeptly at the next level, used as a stretch-5 rim protector or at the 4 in big lineups. Labissiere's lack of bulk was a serious detriment to his two-way ability and operating with finesse at the next level could be a constant. Without physicality, however, it's difficult to envision Labisierre developing into a high-end starter in the association. Despite his deficiencies, he's loaded with upside and is a prototypical new era frontcourt talent.

20. Isaia Cordinier - SG, Denain ASC Voltaire (France), 19 years old

Average ranking: 17.9 Ballots: 5/12

Mike Levin (ranked him 9th): Dogggggggggg, you know I'm not NOT picking the bouncy Frenchman with the coolest name in the draft (Dragan Bender too on the nose). He's playing against C-level competition that Luke Harangody would wrinkle his nose at, but the athleticism is elite, the shooting touch is real, and the work ethic is there. I'm not gonna be the guy to slut shame competition when Giannis is Giannising the Bucks (THE BUCKS!) to be contenderish down the road. Gimme Isaia, let him chill a year, and then bring his ass over to *French for "cram on fools"*

19. Tyler Ulis - PG, Kentucky, 20 years old

Average ranking: 17.5 Ballots: 5/12

Mike Levin (ranked him 12th): Look, I'm just not gonna bet against the dude. He's strong with the ball and smart on both ends of the court. You can't expect him to be Isaiah Thomas, but as a floor general who can shoot and attack and piss people off defensively, I don't think you need much else. Get the long, athletic dudes at the four other positions -- I'll take the killer with a Napoleon Complex at the one.

18. Deyonta Davis - PF, Michigan State, 19 years old

Average ranking: 17.3 Ballots: 5/12

Jake Hyman (ranked him 12th): At face value, Davis' numbers aren't enticing, but dive into some advanced statistics and the 6-10, 245-pound combo big was one of the most effective front court talents in the nation. An absurd 90.9 DRtg and 13.5 percent offensive rebounding percentage as a freshman could be Davis' traits that have him tabbed as a possible top-10 pick. He's already a plus rim protector (1.8 BPG in 18.6 MPG) and has a developing jump shot that he wasn't able to showcase for Sparty. Davis is all upside and defensively driven, but would be engulfed on a roster seemingly loaded with bigs next season if Colangelo is willing to trade up for the talented frosh.

17. DeAndre' Bembry - SF, St. Joseph's, 21 years old

Average ranking: 17 Ballots: 8/12

Mike Levin (ranked him 14th):  I worry about the shot, I do. In fact his three-point percentage went down each year at St. Joe's (34.6 percent as a freshman to 26.6 percent as a senior) while his free throw percentage didn't go up as much as you'd like it to (58.3 percent as a freshman to 65.7 percent as a senior). But this is a dude who will do what his team needs. He's versatile with the ball or off the ball, because of his vision and cutting ability. He's strong in the open court. He's great around the rim. He's got the body you want in a wing and despite the afro, he feels like a very modern NBA swingman. I'm banking on him being a good role player no matter what, and a potentially great one if he develops a jumper. Maybe without the ball in his hands as much (SIMMONS!), he'll turn into a decent catch-and-shoot player? It's a gamble, but in a draft where there are few two-way players, I'll take the guy with terrific feel for the game and hope Brett Brown can work some of that Chip Engelland magic to turn his shot around.

16. Taurean Prince - SF, Baylor, 21 years old

Average ranking: 16.6 Ballots: 10/12

Roy Burton (ranked him 16th): Taurean Prince is like your NBA 2K16 MyPlayer character before you max him out: A 6-7 small forward who can shoot threes (37.6 percent for his career from deep) and guard multiple positions. Unlike your MyPlayer character, he won't ever be able to carry the water on offense, but Prince is a real-life 3-and-D guy that GMs covet and fantasize about. Don't ask him to do too much, and you'll have a starting-caliber wing for the next 10+ years.

15. Henry Ellenson - PF, Marquette, 19 years old

Average ranking: 14.8 Ballots: 9/12

Jake Pavorsky (ranked him 5th): Ellenson's defense is in line for an extended stay in Struggle City, but I think he's going to morph into a solid stretch four. Although he did shoot just 28.8 percent from three on 104 attempts, Ellenson's mechanics are solid enough that I think he figures it out from there. He's shown flashes of being a decent ball handler, and if you put a little muscle on him he'll corral some rebounds. His career path may end up following Kelly Olynyk, but at his very, very best he could be Kevin Love. In this draft, he's worth the risk with a top 10 pick.

14. Jakob Poeltl - PF, Utah, 20 years old

Average ranking: 14.3 Ballots: 7/12

Max Rappaport (ranked him 8th):  Look... I like Jakob Poetl, I really do. He's big, he's skilled, and he probably has an adorable accent. But he's also a center, and unless your name is Dragan Bender there ain't room for you on this squad. At 7'1" and 239 pounds, the 20-year-old from Austria averaged 17.3 points and 9.1 rebounds as a sophomore at Utah, doing so on outrageous efficiency (66.0 TS%) and with a little bit of rim protection as an added bonus. He'll make a nice pro somewhere, but it won't be in Philadelphia.

13. Demetrius Jackson - PG, Notre Dame, 21 years old

Average ranking: 13.6 Ballots: 10/12

Jake Fischer (ranked him 14th): I've long felt Jackson was the better NBA prospect than Jerian Grant, and a year later, he could crack the lottery like Grant failed to achieve. He's got the build of Eric Bledsoe, a masterful grasp of pick-and-roll play and can defend like hell. His handle is also extremely underrated. Look at how he torched my alma mater in the 2014 NCAA Tournament as Notre Dame legitimately faced early-round elimination.

12. Furkan Korkmaz - SG, Anadolu Efes (Turkey), 18 years old

Average ranking: 13.3 Ballots: 12/12

Shamus Clancy (ranked him 9th): Another Furkan? Am I dreaming? Given Korkmaz's age, as he won't turn 19 until July, he'll spend a few seasons continuing to develop overseas much like his (soon-to-be former) teammate Dario Saric has done. Fear not though, the 6'7 wing has the athleticism and hops -- think more Mario Hezonja and less the stereotypically stiff European prospect -- as well as the sweet outside-shooting stroke (41.5 percent from deep for Anadolu Efes over the last two years) to fit right in with today's pace-and-space NBA. Putting on weight and muscle, which would mitigate his weaknesses in on-ball defense and scoring at the cup, should be his primary concerns before coming stateside.

11. Marquese Chriss - F, Washington, 18 years old

Average ranking: 11.6 Ballots: 11/12

Kyle Neubeck (ranked him 11th): As a general rule, I dropped a ton of the higher rated big men off my Sixers board because of fit concerns, but Chriss is an exception. He's 6' 10" and one of the best athletes in the draft, having flashed potential as both a role man and a player who can stretch the floor. Chriss has major concerns -- the rebounding numbers are really underwhelming -- but in a draft where everyone has glaring issues, I think you roll the dice on him rather than on one-trick ponies who top out at "okay role player."

10. Jaylen Brown - SG, California, 19 years old

Average ranking: 11.3 Ballots: 10/12

Jake Hyman (ranked him 7th): Brown met expectations as a freshman at Cal, regarding how his abilities would translate to the D-1 level. He overwhelmed the league physically, to the tune of 14.6 PPG and 5.4 RPG, but his inefficient shooting detracted from Brown developing into the guy in the Pac-12. Connecting on just 29.4 of his attempts from deep is concerning if Brown wants to develop into a 3-and-D wing at the next level. However, the physical tools are elite (6-7, 225 pounds), as Brown can play either the 2 or 3. He's a more athletic Stanley Johnson, but far from tapping into his full potential.

9. Buddy Hield - SG, Oklahoma, 22 years old

Average ranking: 9.5 Ballots: 11/12

Sean O'Connor (ranked him 9th): Hield is a rare four-year player whose NBA projection is uncertain, since three point percentage is not a skill which consistently translates, but it is so important for every NBA player that if the volume and conversion rates stay true that Hield will be hugely valuable. I'm more confident in his ability to actually shoot - his college production speaks loudly to that - than his ability to maintain the production given the competition jump. Hield is shorter than you'd like with a low-ish release point, and he's not as athletic as, say, J.J. Redick, and not as strong as, say, Ben Gordon, two fair comparisons when trying to predict his NBA jump. But you can't deny his work ethic, and every team needs shooting threats. So there would be worse gambles than taking Hield top 10.

8. Denzel Valentine - SF, Michigan State, 22 years old

Average ranking: 9.3 Ballots: 12/12

Brandon Gowton (ranked him 5th): Denzel Valentine was hugely critical to Michigan State's success prior to their tournament loss. The senior guard was very respected by head coach Tom Izzo. Izzo literally broke down crying after Valentine's last game with MSU. He's unselfish and has a great shot. His athleticism is limited and his defense may be considered average but he has outstanding court vision. Valentine is a great locker room addition to any team.

7. Wade Baldwin - PG, Vanderbilt, 20 years old

Average ranking: 9.2 Ballots: 11/12

Marc Whittington (ranked him 4th): Long, strong, and athletic, Baldwin has the tools to be an elite player defending lead guards in the NBA. Add in his sweet 3-point shot (42 percent on 200 attempts for his career), and he looks like an ideal fit for the pace-and-space era in the NBA. His turnover struggles suggest that he might not be lead guard material, but as a complement for Simmons on the perimeter, he may be as good as it gets.

6. Timothe Luwawu - SF, Mega Leks (Serbia), 21 years old

Average ranking: 8.1 Ballots: 12/12

Max Rappaport (ranked him 6th): In YouTube highlights, Timothe Luwawu is Kawhi Leonard. In reality, though, he's more like Iman Shumpert, which in this regrettably weak draft is totally fine. The 21-year-old swingman out of France is known for his ability to defend multiple positions along the perimeter (he's 6'7" with long arms and massive hands) and for his penchant for yamming on fools in transition; his offensive skill set in the half court, though, is quite limited. Of all the players in the top 10 of this big board, Luwawu might have the slightest chance of becoming a star, but he'll bring value to the table on the defensive end from day 1 and is exactly the type of complimentary piece the Sixers should be looking to add.

5. Jamal Murray - SG, Kentucky, 19 years old

Average ranking: 6.3 Ballots: 11/12

Matt Carey (ranked him 4th): I've been driving the Murray Express all year, and I'm not stopping now. He would be a near-perfect fit as the point guard alongside Ben Simmons. His physical measurements aren't that impressive, but his skill level for a player his age is worth the high ranking. He was over 40% as a three-point shooter, and even better as a spot up shooter. Playing with Simmons, his ability to play off-ball and run around screens would be lethal. While I think Murray is best suited as a two-guard, playing with Simmons would allow him to be a less ball-dominant point.

4. Kris Dunn - PG, Providence, 22 years old

Average ranking: 5.8 Ballots: 12/12

Roy Burton (ranked him 4th): Is Kris Dunn a textbook point guard? No... but he's the best point guard on the board, so I'm willing to overlook his questionable jump shot as well as the fact that he's one of the oldest players in this year's draft class (he turned 22 in March). Dunn is an intense competitor whose commitment on both ends of the court won't ever be the subject of debate. I think "John Wall-lite" is a reasonable projection of his ceiling, and that easily merits him a top-5 ranking on our Big Board.

3. Dragan Bender - PF, Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel), 18 years old

Average ranking: 3.3 Ballots: 12/12

Marc Whittington (ranked him 3rd): The Draymond comparisons have become overly-ubiquitous following his success this year, but Bender is the one player for whom they actually somewhat make sense. He has all the defensive tools, from long arms and blocking shots to quick feet to switch PnR coverage on the perimeter. On O, he appeared to be an elite passer in international play, and he has stroked it from deep this year. His versatility would allow him to fit in any frontcourt and with any of the Sixers' four stud big men.

2. Brandon Ingram - SF, Duke, 18 years old

Average ranking: 1.9 Ballots: 12/12

Jake Fischer (ranked him 1st):  I've maintained Ingram as the No. 1 player on my board since February. This might be jaded because I watched him in person for four days at the NCAA Tournament in Providence, but man oh man was he impressive during that long weekend in Rhode Island. You know his game: Silky smooth jumper, he can take bigger guys off the dribble, back down and flip shots over smaller defenders in the paint. He's freakishly long, allowing him to both protect the rim and guard multiple positions on the perimeter. But what I love about him is his demeanor. He carries himself like Kawhi Leonard and silently kill anyone in front of him like a Bravosian Faceless Man. Sign me up.

1. Ben Simmons - PF, LSU, 19 years old

Average ranking: 1.2 Ballots: 12/12

Jake Pavorsky (ranked him 1st): There's not much to be said about future Sixer Ben Simmons that we haven't already discussed. He can score at will around the basket, he's an elite ball handler and facilitator, and a more than passable defender. Simmons is the definition of an elite talent, and I imagine Bryan Colangelo hasn't even thought twice about selecting him.

Matt Roy Max Jake P Marc Jake H Sean Brandon Jake F Kyle Mike Shamus
Ben Simmons Ben Simmons Ben Simmons Ben Simmons Ben Simmons Ben Simmons Ben Simmons Ben Simmons Brandon Ingram Ben Simmons Ben Simmons Ben Simmons
Brandon Ingram Brandon Ingram Brandon Ingram Brandon Ingram Brandon Ingram Brandon Ingram Brandon Ingram Brandon Ingram Ben Simmons Brandon Ingram Brandon Ingram Brandon Ingram
Dragan Bender Dragan Bender Dragan Bender Dragan Bender Dragan Bender Dragan Bender Dragan Bender Kris Dunn Buddy Hield Dragan Bender Dragan Bender Dragan Bender
Jamal Murray Kris Dunn Kris Dunn Jamal Murray Wade Baldwin Buddy Hield Jamal Murray Dragan Bender Kris Dunn Kris Dunn Timothe Luwawu Jamal Murray
Kris Dunn Jamal Murray Jamal Murray Henry Ellenson Denzel Valentine Jamal Murray Jaylen Brown Denzel Valentine Dragan Bender Wade Baldwin Wade Baldwin Timothe Luwawu
Buddy Hield Buddy Hield Timothe Luwawu Kris Dunn Timothe Luwawu Marquese Chriss Kris Dunn Jamal Murray Jamal Murray Timothe Luwawu Kris Dunn Wade Baldwin
Wade Baldwin Jaylen Brown Wade Baldwin Timothe Luwawu Kris Dunn Jaylen Brown Denzel Valentine Timothy Luwawu Deyonta Davis Jamal Murray Jamal Murray Marquese Chriss
Timothe Luwawu Denzel Valentine Jakob Poeltl Jaylen Brown Patrick McCaw Denzel Valentine Timothe Luwawu Buddy Hield Denzel Valentine Jaylen Brown Buddy Hield Jakob Poeltl
Jaylen Brown Timothe Luwawu Buddy Hield Furkan Korkmaz DeAndre' Bembry Skal Labissiere Buddy Hield Wade Baldwin Jaylen Brown Denzel Valentine Isaia Cordinier Furkan Korkmaz
Furkan Korkmaz Marquese Chriss Denzel Valentine Buddy Hield Isaia Cordinier Jakob Poeltl Demetrius Jackson Demetrius Jackson Wade Baldwin Buddy Hield Demetrius Jackson Kris Dunn
Denzel Valentine Henry Ellenson Henry Ellenson Wade Baldwin Robert Carter Kris Dunn Henry Ellenson Jaylen Brown Marqueese Chriss Marquese Chriss Denzel Valentine Deyonta Davis
Demetrius Jackson Wade Baldwin Demetrius Jackson Taurean Prince Taurean Prince Deyonta Davis Jakob Poeltl Furkan Korkmaz Henry Ellenson Furkan Korkmaz Tyler Ulis Demetrius Jackson
Marquese Chriss Demetrius Jackson Jaylen Brown Denzel Valentine Gary Payton II Henry Ellenson Wade Baldwin Jakob Poeltl Timothe Luwawu Isaia Cordinier Furkan Korkmaz Skal Labissiere
Taurean Prince Furkan Korkmaz Furkan Korkmaz Demetrius Jackson Paul Zipser Furkan Korkmaz Furkan Korkmaz Deyonta Davis Demetrius Jackson Demetrius Jackson DeAndre' Bembry Henry Ellenson
Malik Beasley Jakob Poetl Marquese Chriss Marquese Chriss Brice Johnson Domantas Sabonis DeAndre' Bembry Marquese Chriss DeAndre' Bembry DeAndre' Bembry Taurean Prince Juan Hernangomez
Jakob Poeltl Taurean Prince Domantas Sabonis Brice Johnson Daniel Hamilton Timothe Luwawu Deyonta Davis Taurean Prince Taurean Prince Patrick McCaw Patrick McCaw Jaylen Brown
Henry Ellenson Tyler Ulis Isaia Cordinier DeAndre' Bembry Caris LeVert DeAndre' Bembry Domantas Sabonis Tyler Ulis Domantas Sabonis Taurean Prince Caris LeVert Denzel Valentine
Skal Labissiere Dejounte Murray Skal Labissiere Tyler Ulis Malcolm Brogdon Thon Maker Marquese Chriss DeAndre' Bembry Skal Labisserie Skal Labissiere Malcolm Brogdon Ante Zizic
Isaia Cordinier Malik Beasley Taurean Prince Ben Bentil Furkan Korkmaz Cheick Diallo Zhou Qi Malik Beasley Furkan Korkmaz Malik Beasley Paul Zipser Domantas Sabonis
Domantas Sabonis Zhou Qi Zhou Qi Jakob Poeltl Henry Ellenson Taurean Prince Skal Labissiere Zhou Qi Damian Jones Tyler Ulis Marquese Chriss Buddy Hield

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