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NBA 2016 Free Agency Thread:

Let's get weird.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Since there will be a ton of rumors flying over the next few hours/days, many that won't involve the 76ers and some that will, this will be your safe space to share, read, and react to the craziness. If and when there are some important Philadelphia-related information that comes out, we'll cover it in depth. Bryan Colangelo, it's your time to shine!

Before people go off the rails to moves or non-moves the Sixers will or will not make, just remember that there are plenty of good things on the horizon with this team from a talent perspective to future prospects. Try not to get disruptive and try not to attack each other if and/or when something you don't agree with happens.

Other than that, it's a holiday weekend so everyone be safe and have a great time with your loved ones. Happy Free Agency! Happy Independence Day! Time to sit back and watch the fireworks!

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