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Dario Saric Claims He Will Sign Deal With Sixers This Summer

The Homie will (hopefully) arrive shortly.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The people asked for it, so the people are getting it. Dario Saric told reporters today that he will not break his promise to the Sixers, marking the 750th time he has said the same exact thing about his future plans.

To the source!

Seeing as I'm unable to translate on my own, you're at the mercy of random people on the internet and auto-translating tools on this one. Nothing has changed since the last time Saric's intent was discussed overseas, nor has it really changed since the day the Sixers selected him. Saric has until July 17 to make his decision official.

At this point, I will be happy when this saga is over one way or the other, whether it means Saric stays at Efes or signs the paperwork to officially join the Sixers. If Saric could make it happen already, well...

UPDATE: It's (almost) lit

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