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Bryan Colangelo: 'Might Not Have As Much Need' For Dario Saric on Sixers Next Season

Bryan Colangelo is putting a bit of pressure on The Homie Dario.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Bryan Colangelo has been praised in some circles of Philadelphia media for simply being available to quote more. For writers that need to fill column space, he is a stark contrast from his predecessor in that regard.

This sort of approach, however, leaves you susceptible to say some weird things from time-to-time. Colangelo joined ESPN's NBA Insiders show last night -- hosted by Marc Stein, Amin Elhassan and Brian Windhorst -- and discussed a variety of topics concerning the Sixers. One particular bit stood out -- this riff on Dario Saric's availability this year (bold emphasis mine):

Everyone talks immediately about the financial gain... The way we're looking at it is this is a great opportunity for Dario to come over right now. The timing is right for him to join this group of young guys that are coming together, we want him to be part of something that we're starting today, and the timing could not be better for him to get his clock ticking as far as his NBA contract goes. He'll be in a position to get that next one at a younger age.

Him being 22 and having played pro basketball for a few years, and him reaching a point of, I don't know if you want to call it fatigue, he's at a point where I think in order for him to take his next step basketball-wise it's in the NBA.

I could make an argument that he really should come over, it's good timing for us and good timing for him. If he wants to roll the dice on the financial aspect of it, our situation might be a little different next year and we might not have as much need for him.

I think all things are lining up where he wants to be here and we would like him to be here, and I think it's going to play out that way if all things hold true.

The full context of the quote is important here -- it certainly seems like Colangelo wants Saric in Philadelphia -- but it seems odd to suggest to a player you're trying to convince to come over that in just a year's time you may not have use for him anymore. When you're already asking Saric to take a financial loss to come early, I don't know if putting this sort of pressure on him is the route to take.

That might be an overly cynical view on the quote, and if Saric comes to Philadelphia this summer it will be a moot point. A lot can change in a year, and if the crowded front court solidifies into a solid rotation this season, Saric could be left on the outside looking in.

Still, hard not to raise an eyebrow at that sort of posturing directed at a player fans are excited to see play for the team. Colangelo is aware of the impact his words have, and we'll have to wait and see if they sway Saric's decision to depart Efes for the NBA.

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