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NBA Draft Day Rumor: Sixers Talking Noel for Ariza, Beverley Swap with Houston Rockets

Anyone have a headache yet?

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Well, it's been an busy non-eventful day already. As we speak Bryan Colangelo and Danny Ainge are playing an aggressive game of chicken with their assets, and rumors are flying from every single direction about which players may be on the move. I have to say, I kind of miss the quiet times and sudden surprises during the Hinkie tenure, if only because paying attention to rumors get exhausting. But, I digress.


Well, isn't that something. The Nerlens Noel - Jahlil Okafor saga may be coming to an end today and it's just a matter of who is getting traded for what. This most recent rumor involves a few of the Rockets mainstays in Trevor Ariza and Patrick Beverley.

Stylistically, both players fit with how the Sixers are trying to build. Beverley has been an off-ball, 3-and-D PG next to Harden for a few years. Trevor Ariza is another 3-and-D capable player on the wing. To get both players for Noel seems like a good return. For the Rockets, a defensive anchor like Noel makes up for a lot their defensive woes. Oh, and their new head coach, Mike D'Antoni has some experience working with Noel.

The main problem here is age and timeline. Both players are a tad on the older side when it concerns what will hopefully be the core of this team, with Beverley at 27 (UFA in 2019) and Ariza at 30 (UFA in 2018).

Two ways I look at this:

1.  Colangelo is trying to change the optics of this team to "win now". Adding these 2 will immediately improve the team and hopefully lead to better things like being a FA/trade destination in the future. (I don't fully agree but I can understand the logic here)

2. This is all just GM gamesmanship and posturing, especially with the Boston Celtics No. 3 pick rumors.

Will Colangelo make the move? Will Noel or Okafor.. OR BOTH be moved by the end of the night? Will Goku finally fire off the spirit bomb? Tune in next time to Liberty Ballers (Z).

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