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NBA Draft 2016: Watch Video of Ben Simmons' Workout for Sixers


Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The wait for the Ben Simmons workout was filled with anguish, but thanks to the Sixers we all get to share part of the experience.

Below you can check out an edited version of his workout in Philadelphia courtesy of the Sixers, and SWEET MERCIFUL LORD AM I EXCITED:

It still hasn't quite set in that the Sixers have the opportunity to draft this kid tomorrow night. A 6'10 player with sweet handles, elite finishing ability and transcendent-level passing instincts will be the leader of the Sixers new era -- how damn cool is that?!

A little over 24 hours from now, the uncertainty will be behind us and we can start talking about his synergy with Sixers teammates. Dream tonight about Simmons handling the pick and roll with Joel Embiid as a lob target. Picture Simmons grabbing rebounds and turning them into fast-break buckets by himself. It's all coming soon enough.

[h/t @Sixers]

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