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Sixers Reportedly Including Stauskas, Covington in Noel Package

Are Sixers saying "adios" to Sauce Castillo and Robert Covington?

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According to a report last week from Marc Stein and Chad Ford regarding a possible Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel trade, ESPN's insiders noted that rival executives believe that Bryan Colangelo will be highly active this offseason. Based on reports today regarding a possible deal with Atlanta, general manager Bryan Colangelo is holding true to the aforementioned generalization.

The Vertical's Shams Charania tweeted Thursday that the Sixers and Atlanta Hawks discussed a deal focused on a Jeff Teague and Nerlens Noel package.

While Charania reported that nothing was imminent between the two teams agreeing to the deal, there was speculation as to what the package in the deal consisted of and who built it. However, The Philadelphia Inquirer's Keith Pompey later reported that shooting guard Nik Stauskas and forward Robert Covington could be added to a possible blockbuster.

A source has confirmed that the Sixers have had multi-player trade talks with the Atlanta Hawks. Yahoo Sports reported that the teams are discussing a deal centered around packages that include the Sixers center Nerlens Noel and Hawks point guard Jeff Teague. Sixers shooting guard Nik Stauskas and/or small forward Robert Covington could be included in the deal, according to a source.

Jake Pavorsky went in detail on why the trade is perplexing from a Sixers perspective, but the inclusion of both Stauskas and Covington further clouds what the deal consists of. If Colangelo views Teague as a revitalization at the point guard position on the team, a three-for-one swap is a poor judgment of value and accruing high-end starters via trade.

However, there has to be an acknowledgment of what assets Atlanta might have that would be reasonable for Colangelo to inquire about. Per RealGM, Atlanta has five second-round picks in the next two drafts, including an enticing 2017 second-round pick via Brooklyn, and no first-round picks have been relinquished (they hold the No. 21 pick in 2016).

They have four unrestricted free agents this offseason, including Al Horford, and seven members of their rotation will be free agents in 2017 (Paul Millsap has player option). The only feasible sign-and-trade deal among impending free agents, since there is no reported immediate deal, could feature Kent Bazemore, a competent two-way wing lacking on the Sixers.

Bazemore didn't just average the most points per game in his career last season (11.6 PPG), but was also a menace on the defensive end-which his upside has always stemmed from. His 102 DRtg was tied for second on the Hawks and also finished second on the team in steals (1.3 per game).

Bazemore could be viewed as a valuable commodity if Stauskas and Covington are also included, with Colangelo favoring immediate impact over draft picks in deals. He would mitigate the need for Brett Brown to further Stauskas' development at the 2. The former No. 8 overall pick flopped in his debut season in Philadelphia, averaging 8.5 PPG and shooting just 38.5 percent from the floor (32.6 percent from deep).

Without any semblance of possessing defensive adeptness, Stauskas could have to develop a niche as a marksman whose defensive struggles have to be accounted for. Covington looks the part of a long-term three-and-D role player, averaging 12.8 PPG and 1.5 SPG, but failing to shoot over 40 percent from the second-consecutive season is a legitimate red flag.

Until further details are unearthed and the deals gets revamped heading into the offseason, it's difficult to gauge the value for either team. However, giving up three young players, one with starter-level upside (Noel), for a 28 year-old Jeff Teague whose set to be a free agent after the 2016-17 season is steep.

It's also a poor allocation of resources for a team devout toward building with young talent and possibly getting peak value for them in later deals.

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